Thursday, July 29, 2010

Smith Boys day!

Melissa and Glen had a problem with their air conditioner at their home. of course it was the weekend and they had to order parts. so they stayed with us for a few days. it was so fun waking up in the morning hearing "Hi Granma!" I love those words. well, one day, I took Andrew to go and see "How to train your dragon". really a cute movie! afterwards, Gunner, Andrew and I went to McD's! here is Gunner, can you find him? Gunner is the fry man! He LOVES frys! doesn't matter what else there is, he only eats the frys! He LOVES frys! LOL!
Now our little guy loves to play. his fav words are "be right back!" he will be gone for a day or two, come back and eat some more, then "be right back, ok? and off he goes.....

Andrew? he will stay and eat and check out the toy, then go and play.

oh, BTW, at the theater, on Tuesdays, it's $1 for the movie! and by the theater is a water fountain. Andrew asked if he could go and play in it. I said sure and Grandma had her trusty camera! he got in the water and promptly sat down. didn't get the picture it happened so fast. but I did get his big grin! all in all it was a fun day! thanks guys for a happy day....

love you guys!
Grandma H

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