Monday, June 15, 2009

I'm back!

Hey everyone, we got back safe and sound. we had lots of fun at Quilter's Outpost. we got quite a bit done on our blocks. we both are doing hand stitching.
afterwards we went to a little scrapbook store - WOW!!! next time - bring money. awesome store. then to scoops for ice cream - YUMMO!! the drive was beautiful, relaxing and the weather was perfect!!!! what made it fun was Cyndi brought her Bruce's little red car!

as we were coming down the hill - we were going just a little fast, not bad! a business plumbing van zoomed past us. we both laughed and said he is going to get a ticket. Yep, just a mile or so down the road, Mr. Sherriff was waiting just for him. bummer.... we are just glad it wasn't us!



  1. They came out so cute, you are so diligent to get the BOM's done, I just print them :-) You did a good job on the mulitiple photos !

  2. Hey Lorene! I'm glad you posted a comment telling me you had started blogging! Your quilting projects are so adorable.


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