Monday, June 15, 2009

BOM's are getting done!

Hey everyone! got a few things done things weekend. Gail Pan's new block Peace is up on her blog and I already finished it!!! Yeah

I finished the easter and mother's day dishtowels from Bird Brain. Mindy, sorry girlfriend, but I completely stole your idea for the mother's day towel. it was just way too cute! BTW, a patriotic dish towel is up at birdbrain right now. brand new today!

later today I plan on working on a pincushion, thread catcher thingy for the shop. sandy started it, but I get to finish it since I love pincushions sooooo much! LOL! I really do! but first Cyndi A and I are going to Quilter's Outpost in Payson for a Nancy Halverson's BOM - Be Attitudes! I love Nancy's stuff. I have made it a mission in life to collect ALL of her books and patterns! and believe me, I am getting there. I have the month one and two all fused. I will be doing handstitching on the blocks. they are just darn cute! I will post pics when I get back.

enjoy your day!

PS: at least I got more than one pic posted this time! LOL!

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