Tuesday, June 2, 2015


I mentioned that Hubby and I had been traveling for business.  We went to Anaheim, CA.  no, not to Disneyland.  there just wasn't time.  I love Disneyland!

Core-Mark had their semi annual vendor party.  I am not sure what to call it.  because it kind of is like a party.

it's where Hubby and our son in law, Glen can meet with all the different vendors and order for the stores.  we get LOTS of samples.  Then we come home and have a loot party with the grands!

That is lots of loot!!!!  but one more thing I have to show you....

Can you see the weight?  that is 32 oz, 2 pounds!!!  I have never seen a treat this big.  the grands eyes are going to bug out when they see this!

As the party goes on, for every purchase that is made, your company's name goes into the raffle.  They have drawing every couple of hours or so.  We have never really won much at all at these things.  but they are fun.  However......  We won this time....  an iPad Air 2.  I was beyond excited.  Glen went up and got it, then Bruce grabbed it and I grabbed it from Bruce.  Now before you start thinking, Glen already has a iPad.  Bruce is not a fan of technology, so in my book that's mine!!!!!

Later we won the  - which glen has

We also won 2 boxes of wafer cookies.  I am sure Glen and Melissa's boys will love that.  we waited around for the last drawing - a 70 inch flat screen TV.  I just knew we would win it.  Just before the announcer pulled the name, they found another prize.  the prize?  An M &M folding chair.  we won that, not the TV.  we were sooooo close!

We also got to spend some time with Bruce's brother and his family.  They live in Yorba Linda.  We didn't get pictures, darn.  Then Katrina and some of her family came down to visit.  They live up by 6 Flags in Santa Clarita.

We didn't get to see everyone.  But it was wonderful having dinner with the guys!  Love those faces!  

Next blog will be about the quilt stores we visited on our way home.......

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