Friday, June 20, 2014

Happy Birthday Mardi!

Hi everyone!  We celebrating Mardi's birthday recently, since a couple of us were going out of town.  Yeah!  a party!  food! presents!  friends!  life is good......

This bag Cyndi made.  She always makes beautiful cards. 
and this was inside.  Mardi LOVES red.  so a perfect choice!

Charlene is back, and made this for Mardi.  Love it!  pattern from Jenny Elefantz.
Jodi was there too.  She brought this yummy smelling candle for Mardi.  I know it had vanilla in it, but something else too.  It really smelled wonderful.  

Toni brought this hanger for Mardi.  it's sideways, so it might look strange.  it swivels.  it will be perfect in Mardi's sewing room. 

AZ Vicky made this. (I have two Vicki friends, a las vegas one and a AZ one. This way I will be able to keep them straight)  Mardi loved it!
Charlend present is in this huzzy bag!  I hope I don't offend anyone.  But anything sparkly, animal print, or combination in my book is hussified!  but only in a very good way!  LOL...... 

and here is a little peak at what I got for Mardi - red baskets, and fun things to organize - all red!  Did I mention that Mardi loves red? 

And here us our group minus Jodi.  I forgot to retake the picture.  Sorry Jodi! 

Oh where did we go?  zupas  everthing is very good! 

Toni brought her BOW, so we could all see it.  it's from primitive gatherings

oh my goodness.  I decided against this.  but I think I am regretting my decision.  it is soooo pretty!  I love it! 

It was such a nice way to spend the afternoon.  Love all these gals!

hugs....  Happy Birthday dear friend!

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