Thursday, May 5, 2011

What a surprise!

On our family picnic on Saturday, my Aunt gloria came up to me and said she had Granma T's machine in the car. and it was for me. I was expecting it, but didn't know when I would get it. OH MY GOODNESS!!!! it's in perfect condition. so very pretty! I looked up the serial number and this little baby was born in 1955. I am just just a little older. isn't she pretty? I want to find something pretty to sew with her.

one more close up. She isn't a FW , but a 99K. she is a heavy little thing. but I will love her completely. lots of fond memories to remember while sewing with her.....

thank you Aunt Gloria! this is one of the best presents ever!


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  1. I have my grandmother's old sewing maching and cabinet. Where did you go to get the 'birth' information?


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