Friday, May 6, 2011

Another UFO done!

Well, another UFO bites the dust! this quilt is destined for a little granddaughter who is turning 8. So Jenn, keep your lips sealed! the story behind the quilt - several years ago, the Rippers were asked to host an AQG luncheon. Delva and I were co chairs. it was fun, but mercy a lot of work. Rippers then gave Delva and I gift certificates to thanks us for all the hard work. of course it was a gift certificate to the Oasis. so I went down and spent it! I added a bit more money to the pot and bought enough fabric to make this quilt. well, actually, it made 2! the other one is not quilted yet. but the top is finished. it is in the cue! LOL....... I hope this keeps you warm Lexi girl. it is full of hugs and lots of love...... Thanks Rippers!


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