Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Easter on Saturday

I love it when the family gets together! my happiest memories are when we are together. I was bummed when Lee had to go home because he wasn't feeling well. so he let before Trina came - ships passing in the night...... we have a little park close in our neighborhood. so that is were we got together. play stuff for the grands, lots of shade and the weather was beautiful! here is our family minus one. great kids every one. so very different and so much the same. I didn't get pics of spouses. I always manage to forget something. but please know I love each and every one!!! we had bubbles for the grands. they had soooo much fun....

someone had a super BIG bubble.....

Gideon loved his sucker!

Julia gave me a birdhouse like a sewing machine! it was from the whole Zeman family! thank you so much! it now has a place in my sewing room......

Zoe and Lexi digging in the sand!

here is some more of the crowd. Cindy was showing mom lots of stuff on Mom's new computer!

here are some of the grands. poor Gideon was getting tired. we love you all!!!!

and here are Ashton, Melissa, Trina and Jenn. we miss you Lee - get better!!!

what a happy day!


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  1. I love the sewing machine bird house! How clever!!


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