Friday, November 12, 2010


Thornberries! Yeah! love Thornberries Day! There was Bobbi, Sue, Terry S and I. small but a great time. first off, 3 of us decided to do a pincushion swap - anything goes. So Sue made the strawberry, Terry made the fall one and I made the donut. Sue won the donut, Terry won the strawberry and I won the fall one. what fun. we are such suckers for pincushions! LOL..... for Show and Tell I brought 2 Christmas quilts I finished.

This is Sue's I spy. so pretty and bright! love it!

several years ago we swapped pastel fabrics. Mercy I have no idea where mine are.... sigh.... but Sue made this quilt with hers. I love it!

Terry finished this one. she was also working on another 2 baby quilts. Wish I had taken pics of those! all of them were sooooo pretty......

we exchanged the red and cream blocks and paper pieced the trees and a couple of years ago. this is how terry put hers together. love the setting Terry!
TB is always such a relaxing fun day. usually lots of show and tell, and some work and lots of solving world problems! and always a good listening ear.
love you guys.....

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