Sunday, November 28, 2010

Recieving blankets

recently one of Melissa's friends was having a baby shower. she is having a little girl. so I made a couple of receiving blankets. they turned out soooo pretty. Here's how I make them. I take 1 1/4 yard of washed flannel. cut off the selvages and square up. fold up the edges 1/4 inch and sew. fold up the edges one more time 1/4 inch and sew again. they are nice and big and last for a very long time. the kiddos at 3 years old still are using them!


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  1. Love these! How thoughtful, and what a nice and quick gift to make. I'll have to remember that next time someone I know has a baby.

    I miss you guys! Since moving to Flag, I've started quilting and think about you lots while doing so. :) Hope you have a wonderful holiday!

    Jen Cox(from stamping class) :)


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