Saturday, November 6, 2010

Soccer and Football

ok, I did it again, pics in wrong order! sorry, and here we go! Jordyn is a Jr. on the football team. sorry sweetie, can't remember what position you do. we missed his game because it was far away. he was a sweetie and put on the uniform so I could see what he looks like. doesn't he look excited to show me! you are a good sport Jordyn! thank you sweetie! I did get to go to Logan's last game. sadly they lost by 4 points. he plays center. it was a great game - lots of action! that Logan can knock kids down that were a lot taller than him. here he is going through the banner!
He is #2! go Logan!

ok, here is where I messed up the pics! here is ninja man and Belle sound asleep after soccer. they were completely worn out. as soon as Lowell got home, off came the soccer clothes and on came the ninja clothes! I think he liked his costume!
This is before the game, happy little kids.......
Lowell played almost the whole game. he was fearless. right in there getting that ball. here he is kicking the ball.....
Belle did pretty good too. the coach had her in. she loves to run!

at this age, no scores are kept. but that is ok. they really had lots of fun. great games kiddos!!!!
love you
Grandma H.

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