Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Juliet bag class

Recently I taught the Juliet bag - me and my sister. love how the bags turned out. you gals did a super good!
I am soooo sorry, but I don't remember this ladies name. I love red and I love this red purse. Cindy O made this fall one. mine looks so springy and this one is so very different from mine. well they all are. isn't it amazing you can make the same thing as everyone and yours will look so different because of the fabric choices. good job Cindy!
this is Linda M from Canada! she is making her mother a series of different bags for her mother. with all with the same fabric. she also made the cuff much wider because she was using a border fabric. Linda is not afraid to experiment. me? I have to follow the pattern.

anyway, it was a great class because of the fun ladies! thank you!!!

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