Friday, June 11, 2010

Another Cutting Marathon!

Today was Thornberries, a smaller group this time. Several people were out of town. We definitely were better organized this time. AND we really got a lot of cutting done! Yeah!!!
Terry P. was our master sorter again. she really had a plan! there were lots of little piles of different sizes. mainly we were cutting for 2 plaid quilts. not sure if we are going to cut again next month. but we are getting better at getting those scraps under control. I finished 2 UFO's this time! This one is a blue snowflake quilt. lap size.
Last one is my Beatitudes quilt. It is done, finished, ready to hang on the wall! I will try and get a better picture so you can see how pickin' cute the blocks are.

Our food today was light but very good. Judy did a Chinese chicken salad, Louise a chicken noodle salad. Terry P made one of my favs - Pear salad! yum. Terry S. made apricot bread and a apricot coffee cake. she served both with her apricot jam. yummo! I made a watermelon salad. I got this recipe from Kelly Rae! Thank you Kelly Rae it is soooooo refreshing. here's the recipe:
1 personal seedless watermelon, cut into little squares like 1/2" (this salad is pretty too)
1 English cucumber, peeled, sliced in half and scoop out all the seed stuff and chopped like the watermelon.
the juice of 2 limes
fresh ground pepper.
mix all together. serve. you don't won't to make it the night before, it will start getting mushy. there will not be any leftovers! it's cool and refreshing.....

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