Friday, June 11, 2010

Do You Like To Read?

Hi everyone! I love to read! always have. I would take a flashlight and read under the covers until really late at night. My Dad would come in and tell me to turn the light out and GO TO SLEEP!!! I like staying up late but then mornings can be hard! LOL! So, I thought I would start putting the books I read on my blog. I don't know it I can remember all the books I have read this year, so I probably won't even try to remember that. so I will start with the most recent.

I have never read James Patterson. I was at the grocery store a while back and the new JP was on sale. I didn't have anything to read soooooo..... I bought 9th Judgement. it is the latest book of the Women's Murder Club - there is a detective, a newspaper reporter, a coroner, and assistant DA. Good! I really liked it. so that took me on a hunt to read the other 8!

another book is "The Zookeepers Wife - a war story" by Diane Ackerman. I found this book very interesting. it was a little dry at times. but still interesting. it's all about WWII in Warsaw, Poland. about saving Jews from being sent to the death camps. How the Polish people suffered at the hands of the Germans. If you like history, you would like this. Oh I bought this one at Costco!

Next book, "Daughter of Fortune" by Isabel Allende - Oprah's book club. we have been moving around a lot of stuff here. we are getting ready for a remodel. I cam across some books of Melissa's from college. This one looked interesting. it starts out in Chile and ends up in San Francisco during the Gold Rush. quite interesting. this is fiction, but really opened my eyes on how it was during this time.

Last night I started "2nd Chance" by James Patterson. the 2nd in the series of the Women's Murder Club. the cool thing is I have finally figured out how to download to my iPod AND I can start the timer for 15 minutes so I won't fall asleep and have to start over! I feel soooo smart! LOL!



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  1. So that's where my book went! Did yo find any others? :o)


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