Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Halloween Swap

OK, I promised I would post the pics of the swap I did with some girls at work. this is the layout it shows in the pattern. But I have to admit, I am a greedy person. this doesn't make a very large quilt. wall hanging size. I want a lap top! so in my thornberries group we are swapping too! But those blocks are due until October. That's OK. I have plenty to do.
Isn't it cute? won't it be a fun laptop? can I be patient until October? you betcha! I want this very badly. Thank you gals for indulging my hairbrained schemes!

On another note, I now have 4 rows done on my triple irish chain. I asked one of the gals I swapped with what do I call my quilt if everyone is naming there's Blame on Lorene. she answered me with the perfect name - The Instigator! that fits. so I think I will go and sew some more blocks together!!!




  1. This is really a nice Halloween quilt - what fun to be able to do a swap with people from work!


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