Friday, April 9, 2010


Another thornberries day. just love these days. always good food, good friends, and wonderful show and tells. terry fixed a wonderful casserole dish full of veggies, Sue fixed a great spinach soup, Barb a great salad with strawberries, Louise had a dip with really good pita chips. Judy and I did desserts! I did Texas sheet cake and Judy made a devil food cake with yummy icing. Oh Bobbie, had a really yummy french bread heated and crispy to go with everything. thanks gals! always good. Here is my past times Christmas quilt. I had posted earlier, but didn't bring it to TB so I am posting the pic again. Here is an UFO finished by Terry S. it's only a few years old. She told us Jody D quilted it for her. it's really pretty.
Here is another UFO by Terry S. this one is going to house of refuge. Great job Terry S.

Judy had LOTS of UFO's today!!! way to go Judy! these are little skirts for Judy's granddaughters. they are so cute!

Judy is our house knitter! she loves sock yarn. here is a scarf she knitted. her stitches are sooooo tiny. I think one or more pics down you can see how tiny they are.
this quilt is another UFO and I believe it's going to house of refuge also.
OK, here are Judy's tiny, itty, bitty stitches. wow Judy, you amaze me!
here is her finished chenille quilt. this looks so cuddly!

Here is a blue rose baby quilt. the edges of the roses are raw edge. I love this quilt. here is another UFO baby quilt. really cute fabric Judy!

This is Barb's redwork top she finished. you really need to click on this picture. it was done with one strand of floss. truly beautiful!
here is a another UFO baby quilt. Loved the colors of this one Barb!
can't wait till next month. we are going to have a cutting amrathon! everyone brings their scraps and we cut! I think it will lots of fun and a productive day!

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