Friday, April 9, 2010

Michael Buble

wow, wow, and wow!!!!! Cyndi invited me to go with her to see Michael Buble last night, since her hubby was in Houston. oh darn! What a concert! it was soooooo much fun! what a talented, humble, CUTE, guy..... here is the stage before all the action. the group Naturally 7 opened for Michael. they are out of NY. they are an acoustic group. their harmony perfection. I could have sworn there was a harmonica, electric guitar, cello, drums, trombone, and who knows what else. but it was just those boys! not an instrument in site. Here is Michael. sorry the pic is so dark. you can always click on the pic to make it bigger and see him better! lol!
here is Kathy. it was Kathy and Bob's anniversary. Congrats Kathy and Bob! They celebrated by going to the concert.

Here is Cyndi and I acting goofy! But Michael is soooo cute!

Here we are sitting in our seats. do we look excited?

I bought his newest CD and have been listening to it in the car. his voice just flows over me. I like it!

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  1. Hi Lorene,
    I was at that concert last night too.
    I just love him and thought it was by far the best concert I have been too.
    Not only does he have a unbelievable voice but what a entertainer. I agree, wow, wow, wow !!!


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