Sunday, September 27, 2009

oh my gosh!!!! this little guy looks like he is wearing a wig! you can't even see his scalp! My first thought was he looks like a little indian baby with all that hair! that is something my mother always said I looked like when I was born! hmmm....... remember you can click on the pic to enlarge! He has such large hands and feet. maybe GW will be Ashton and Elena's retirement plan! He was busy looking around. he looks so different from our Maddy girl. What's funny is that Elena is in the same room that she was in when she had Maddy!

and here is our little Maddy! she was letting me comb her hair. next thing I knew, she brought me a long piece of ribbon. she wanted it in her hair! she is not too sure about me, but she has given me a kiss! shared a sandwich! and let me tickle her! I even got her ready for bed!!
Now for the adventure part of the day. by the time I got down to get my luggage, we waited maybe 2 minutes and the carousel started beeping that the luggage is here! i am standing there, and here comes my luggage. 2 pieces. both rolling carts - 1 black with a metallic ribbon on the handle, the other red and grey! I go out to the curb, Ashton picks me up and we o to the hospital! we visit, take pics and leave to come home. we play with Maddy a bit, then off to a family birthday dinner for Elena's mother. come home, start organizing my luggage. I open the black one and no baby stuff, no baby quilt, no present for Maddy! someones clothes are in my bag! oops! not my bag! called and explained what happened. Now Ashton is on his way back to the airport...... sigh........ the poor woman is probably beside herself. I feel sooooo bad! not fun to travel and not have your stuff!!!
Well i am pooped, Maddy is asleep. my bed is made I am going to bed! What a crazy, wonderful day!


  1. Beautiful grandchildren!! I love all that hair on GW. What a story about the luggage! Yo did get your back OK.

  2. what a darling baby ! Congrats to them all, little sister is such a sweetie too ! Have fun and hope you got your suitcase back, what a mess ! Get lots of hugs and kisses in while you can !


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