Friday, September 25, 2009

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next month I get to host our little group - thornberries. well, I thought we needed something more to do! last year I was in Cedar City, UT. Bruce was working, I was looking for quilt stores. someone had told me once to always check Ace Hardware Stores in small towns. So I did! WOW!!!! they had a wonderful fabric section that was to die for! as I was looking around, under some bolts on the counter was a orange pot holder that looked like a jack o lantern. I didn't take a picture and I am just going by memory. But this is what I remember. I used 2 1/2" squares of different orange tonals. black for the eyes and nose. I hand stitched the mouth. I use batting with the silver stuff in it. can't remember what it is called! quilted in the ditch. turned out cute, and that is what we are making!!! wouldn't it be cute using all lime greens for a Frankenstein or witch? how about all whites for a ghost!!!! a few weeks ago, I posted a triple irish chain quilt that I saw and fell in love with! I want soooo badly to make this quilt. so, I joined a swap of 1 1/2 " squares. do you know how tall a stack of 50 are? well, lookee here!!!!!
not very big is it? mercy! below is a pic of 25 sets of 50! not very big! but that is 1250 pics!!!!!

anyway, I have enough to make a couple of blocks..... thank you gals!!!!

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  1. I'm excited to make my potholder ! I have my oranges to swap already ! Isn't it amazing how those little 1 1/2" squares stack up, so many in such a little stack ! yikes ! I'm going to do that quilt one of these days, I started a new basket to throw them in !


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