Thursday, August 7, 2014

My machine is huzzied up!

Hi everyone!  I always find fun things on blogs.  good ideas!  things I didn't know I needed.  New projects.  Blogs are my friend.  Blogs are NOT my friend! 

I follow Aunt Polly's Porch  She always is working on something fun, or has something I want to do too. 

The other day, she mentioned Zindee Studios . And I had to have it! 


This is now on my wheel on the side of the machine. 

And this is on the front! 

Thank you Aunt Pollly for sharing and for Sherrell for doing the vinyl and such quick service.  I am doing the happy dance!!!  I almost ordered the vinyl in pink, but was afraid that it would show as well  So I went safe.  I still love it.  it makes me smile.  It makes me happy! 

Now, I am going to sew, and smile, and be happy!   hugs.....


  1. Oh my gosh, I missed that post. Looks like I need to check things out too. Just too cute!

  2. Really fun decals for your machine. Always good to have a full bobbin...


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