Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Happy Birthday Lee!!!!

A long time ago, in a hospital no longer here, a baby boy was born!  At the time I was reading about Vikings.  why?  I have no idea!!  but children were named after their parents.  Example:  Lief was a son of Erik.  So, he took the name Lief Erikson. 

My middle name is Lee.  It was from one of my Grandmothers.  So wanting my little baby to have a unique and special name, He became Leeson. 

Well, that baby has grown into a very fine man.  A loving father,  A loving son.  He always watches out for me.  A very hard worker.  A kind man.  A knowledgeable man.  A good man. 

And were does this fine man want to go for his birthday dinner?  Mattas Mexican food.  It's his day, so that's where we go.  He has lots of really special memories there. 
Chilie Rellanos!  His fav.....

Did I say he has a great sense of humor?  We couldn't get a regular picture.....

but some of the grands cooperated! 

Love ya sweetie!  Hope it was a good one!


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  1. Happy Birthday to Lee son!.... What a great tribute of a Name!


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