Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Stash Report 20

Hi everyone!  what a productive week I have had.  I missed sewing, but I wouldn't trade the last couple of weeks for nothing!!!  so here we go.....

Bobbins used this week: 8
Bobbins used year to date: 36
Thread spools emptied this week: 2
Thread spools emptied year to date: 10
Fabric used this week: 0 yards
Fabric used year to date: 31.75 yards

no finishes, but boy oh boy did I get a lot DONE!  yeah!!!! 

I got the rose top together with sashings and the first border.  I have to hunt for the last border....

I love it!!!!  I think this might end up being for a granddaughter who has the middle name of Rose.  In fact I have 2 granddaughters with a middle name of Rose.  This will be for the older one. 
I finished the top of Warm Winter Blessings Mini. 
I squared up my Mom's quilt and put the binding on.  The hand part isn't done, but will be included in next weeks report.    It's a biggie!  It was started last summer.  I was getting the quilt ready to square up and Miss Priss wanted to tunnel in!  Deisel is watching......

I have been working on spring morning.....
I have basically finished it.  At least as far as the pattern goes.  I think I will add another yellow border.  then add another white border.  kind of a wide border.  about 10"  all the way around.  what do you think? 
I have worked on some swaps..... oops, forgot to take a picture! 
Got my hair cut and a pedicure!  Oh how I love a pedicure.  It makes life wonderful!
 Don't ya love the blue nails! 
I finished 2 blocks for the Christmas quilt Vicki and I are working on! 
block 2

block 3
I also finished 2 rows of 17 tumblers.  I did good this week. 

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  1. Great week of stash busting. Yes, I love the blue toenails. Life is good and I love Summer. Days are getting lost and I am trying to keep up but not stressing over most of it. Still recovering from our major trip and me getting sick. Summer Sparkles and Creative Bliss Dear...


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