Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Becoming a Member of the Church of Jesus Christ of LatterDay Saints!

Hi everyone!  One of the reasons Trina came for a visit was, Zoe's baptism.  Zoe was so excited to have so many people who love her at her baptism. 

Here is Zoe and her Daddy - Lee our son.  Big day for both of them.  It was such a special day.  Bruce gave the talk on baptism and I gave the talk on the Holy Ghost.  It was during the talk I gave Zoe her quilt.  Because the Holy Ghost is also called Comforter!  All the family participated in one way or another to make the day special. 
See that chandelier?  My friend Mardi was doing some remodeling and gave me this so I could make it into a cupcake holder!  Thank you pinterest!!!!  AND thank you Mardi!!!! 

everyone getting ready.....

Her Aunt Jenn and Uncle David made the Zoe sign.  David makes these signs all the time.  Aunt Trina made the 8 is great  sign. 

And our Zoe being funny!  Love you sweetie!!!

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  1. Congratulations to Zoe. What a fabulous re-purpose for a chandelier. This looks like it would also work great for a buffet table to hold different food dishes. Amazing...


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