Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Pretty Nails

Hi everyone!  The other day Jenn, Demi, Julia and Lexi went for pedicures and nails.  Trina and I were doing something else.  When everyone came back, This is what Lexi had done......

She was so excited to show me.  Oh my, I think I might have influenced her a bit!  for the good, definitely!!!  Lexi is in the process of earning a sewing machine.  I have a little brother machine, and once a week she comes over to help me do stuff.  Such as, straighten my fabric shelves, put away fabric, use the go cutter to cut scraps, etc, etc....  She needs a total of 25 hours.  She is about 1/3 of the way there. 

She works for me in the morning and in the afternoon, she gets to know her machine.  Last time she came we cleaned the machine.  Lexi is a very detailed type of person, so the machine got a really good cleaning. 

Lexi has an older brother, Justin, who she loves very much.  she wanted to make a pillowcase for him for his birthday that is coming up.  Well, I hate to admit it, but I bought some drum fabric with the idea of making a pillowcase for Justin.  like a couple of years ago..... bad grandma.  At least I had it for Lexi to use. 

oops!  Lexi got to use the serger AND her machine.  I thought I took a picture of her with her machine, but no....  oops!

she is thrilled, Mom was thrilled and I am sure brother will be too! 


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