Sunday, January 20, 2013

update for the past week

hi everyone!

no pics this time.  just an update. 

I have seen on a lot of blogs a weekly stash report.  I would like to start doing that too.  so here is my first update of the year! 

bobbins used this week:  1
bobbins used year to date:  6

fabric used this week:  0
fabric used year to date: 3 1/8

Added fabric this week: 0
Added year to date: 9 yards

finished UFO so far this year:  3

fab 4 for the month:  1.  apple quilt with vicki
                                         2.  embroidered dear jane
                                 3.  wedding quilt for barbie and ronny
                                 4.  blessings quilt

I will be finishing the wedding quilt this week.  just have to do the binding and label.  the others I will work on and probably not finish, but will get closer. 

we had a very busy weekend.  so I will be blogging about a shower and redwork later this week. 


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