Thursday, January 24, 2013

My (New to me) Treadle Machine!

Hi everyone!  I have a lovely aunt who lives in Maine.  In her attic she had several treadle machines.  she always told me that one of them was mine.  the problem was I live in AZ and she is in Maine.  I always thought I might go and pick it up!  She decided that she would send it to me.  I am sooo thankful for her!  

So in November a BIG shipping crate was delivered!
This is my dad, unscrewing all the screws.  There was a BUNCH!  
It's a Wheeler Wilson

Here is the badge on the bed of the machine

It's a coffin lid for the machine.  It does not go down into the cabinet. 
 And here she is!  isn't she beautiful?  I was told I need to name her, so in honor of my Aunt, she is Joanie!  

OK, here are the stats:  the last patent date is March 25, 1890.  I was told she was probably made in 1894/1895.  Thanks to Karol and Ralph from the Treadlon list, they put a new belt on and found a sewing needle clamp to attach.  Then Gary (also on the treadlon list) fix the foot pedal - there was a crack. and found several needles for me.  So this morning we tried it and it worked smoothly, quietly, and had beautiful stitches!!!  

I want to make a little table topper on it.  but I have to raise it just a bit.  the carpet interferes in the treadling!  Gary said maybe some coasters?  

she is so beautiful!  I look forward to some peaceful stitching.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart Aunt Joan!  you made a dream come true!!!  




  1. How beautiful Lorene, such a special gift!

  2. She a real beauty, Lorene! I'm so happy for you - treadle away.

    It was wonderful to see you this evening. Take care!

  3. I have coasters under the feet of some of my treadles, but, the best thing is the wooden runners hubby made me, following the directions on the Treadle On site

  4. It may depend upon the depth of the carpet, but I've found success doubling casters. For the lower casters I use the ones that have carpet on the bottom. Then I set clear plastic casters on top of those and set the treadle legs on those. This gives enough height to allow the treadle to operate smoothly.
    Because I am short and treadle with the heel of one foot on the floor, I did not want the more significant height that would be added with "runners."
    Since the two kinds of casters were available at my local discount store, they seemed less expensive, simpler, and easier than a trip to the lumber yard and purchasing a new drill bit.
    Happy treadling.....


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