Friday, January 25, 2013

Somemore UFO's done!

Hi again eveyone!  Wednesday I took a class to finish up some little UFO's from last summer.  I took a series of classes that had to do with traveling.  we made a passport holder, make up bag, a large bag to hold everything, a jewelery holder.  I am sure there were several other things, I just can't remember what.  So back to the shop to finish the last few items.  for one reason or the other, I was able to finish them.  But they are done now!!!

ok, going left to right is a little mirror, luggage tags ( there are two, but only one in the picture), a bag ( the front is vinyl - great for toothbrush, toothpaste etc) and a little folded thing for holding a small pair of scissors and needles for traveling. 
 I figure I used maybe 1/2 yard of fabric total.  so now my collection of travel accessories is done!  I did buy more of the fabrics so I could make some shoe bags and maybe a laundry bag.  other than that, it's pretty complete!  




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