Wednesday, January 23, 2013

A Wedding shower!

Hi everyone!  My brother is getting married in 2 weeks.  he has found the love of his life and she him!  We love Barbie!  We decided a family party would be just the thing to celebrate.  we have a lovely park just around the block from our home.  so two of my daughters and I planned the big event! 

this is junk in the trunk!  take a kleenix box and empty it.  make slits on the sides of the box and run a ribbon through both sides.  take the plastic off of the top of the box.  add 4 ping pong balls.  tie around child's waist.  we yelled ready, set go and the kids had to wiggle and jump  to get the balls to fall out of the box.  they had 1 minute.  oh my gosh!  we laughed soooo hard!  the kiddos loved it.  Jackson won!

Next game:  Cookies!  the purpose was to place the cookie on your forehead and with your facial muscles get it to your mouth!  again we laughed and laughed.       
gunner didn't quite get it.  he wrinkled his forehead, it slipped down his nose. and took his hand and popped it in his mouth!  yum!!!  Demi won!
oh my gosh, our men are such good sports!  this one you place a golf ball in the bottom of one leg of a NEW pantyhose.  place it on your head.  then place 4 water bottles equal lengths apart.  try and knock down the water bottle with no hands.  My dad won!  by this time our sides are hurting......

this was stacking cups within a minute.  Ronny and Barbie won. 
Even Hudson had a great time!

the kids played stacking hearts. 

then the best for the last!  the brides had to design a dress with TP and Kleenex on their men.  again the men were good sports!  and the pretty little girl is Eva. 
then it was present time!  The happy couple received some nice things.  they opened the quilt last.  sorry I didn't get pics of the other presents.  oops!  Barbie had seen a quilt on pinterest that she wanted to do for their wedding.  she wanted a signature quilt for their wedding.  she asked if I could help.  oh yeah!!!  so we started looking in earnest.  on green fairy quilt blog, she had taken several panels of labels and made a quilt.  and that was what was decided on.  I will post a better pic in a few days when I get the binding on.  and I will share how I made it. 
so that was the shower!  we are so excited to have Barbie join our family.  I love seeing how happy my brother is!  he is always smiling! 



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