Friday, October 28, 2011

Sites in Salmon

Unless you are family, you might not be interested in this update. but there are some pretty pics..... this is the house where Bruce lived while in Salmon. it was brand spanking new. they have changed a few things. Bruce says they have added on quite a bit. being a AZ girl I haven't seen much in the way of fall trees. so i had to take this pic of a fall tree in front of Bruce's old high school. it is now the Jr. High.

this is in downtown Salmon. I thought it was an interesting way to represent the town of Salmon.

I took this pic because they have different numbers for each county. do they do that in all states? anyway, small numbers!

this is on the bridge over the salmon river. right in the middle of town. this is only part of the river.

this is a better picture of Bruce's old high school.

these are part of the mountains surrounding Salmon. isn't that just darn beautiful!

as we were driving around - maybe a block from downtown. we saw these deer. in town, in someones front yard! Bruce said as I was taking the picture, why don't you look to the right?

and I saw these! oh my goodness. sorry about the glare. but I didn't even think to roll down the window. I guess my city girl is coming out. now you know, I am a city girl! LOL.....

Here is the chapel where Bruce went to church.

and here, the hallowed ground where Bruce played football. may we have a moment of silence please.........

Bruce had a wonderful time finding his old haunts, reminiscing. and telling stories. I enjoyed listening......

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