Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Loot Party!!!!

I told you a post or two ago about our trip to CA. what I didn't tell you was that Bruce was meeting with Vendors and doing the buying for the stores for the coming year. So this is how it works. the store owners are sitting around the pool, there was a soda bar, ice cream bar, tables with lots of goodies in the center. at the appointed time Bruce goes to a room and meets with a vendor. the vendor does his spiel, loads Bruce up with goodies. and then goes to the net appointment. sounds like hard work doesn't it? actually he came back to the room pretty tired every night. this was all day long for 2.5 days. and it was really hot. over 100 degrees. so we came home with lots of loot. here it is.... pssst, we already took out the stuff we wanted!

as we were driving home, we started talking what to do with all the loot. we decided to have a loot party with all the kids. yeah!!!! I had to work the day of the party, so I got home the same time as everybody arrived. so I gathered all the grands and said when we go in there are lots of goodies but we can't touch! later after pizza, we will get to fill bags of all the goodies. they came in and were so excited they could hardly eat their pizza. it was like Halloween but better!

so I had a brown bag for each grand. their name was on the bag. the rules were you could pick one thing then it was the net persons turn.

here is Zoe!

Demi, Gunner, Lexi and Andrew


Gunner and Lexi......

there was so much that the kids had a hard time picking, so they had to pick by the time we counted to 10. there were T-shirts for the adults, baseball cards - uncut, flip flops (size humongous) - all the kids wanted those. lots of loot. after everyone was done we brought out the x rated stuff! they sell everything at convenience stores. we didn't get a lot of that kind of stuff, but kids took it all! I must say rather quickly too! LOL....


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