Monday, October 10, 2011

Monica's oh my

While in Palm Springs i wanted to go to Monica's quilt and bead creations. OH MY GOODNESS!!!! if you go, be prepared to spend some time - an afternoon or longer. sooooooooo much to see. the first thing I see, is Frankie. oh yeah, the pattern came home with me and fabric too!
now a word of caution, DO NOT RELY ON YOUR PHONE MAP, OR GOOGLE MAPS, OR GPS!!! they will lie to you. take you way off course and you end up at another golf resort where it is gated and they don't want you there if you are looking for quilt stuff!!! call the store or go to the website and follow their instructions. you will be a happy camper. you will not start to panic and wonder if you will ever find the store let alone the resort where you are staying. just saying......


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