Thursday, August 18, 2011

Harry Potter Party!

I have so enjoyed reading all the HP books. and I have loved watching the movies. we have talked about going to see the last movie as a family. well, two of the kids couldn't wait. sigh..... LOL.... it was really hard for me to wait. anyway, when you have a large family it is hard to just get them together! so Jenn and I brainstormed on what to fix. Jenn fixed a roasted chicken and roasted veggies. so very good. I fixed butter beer - I loved it. it was basically gingerale, cream soda and butterscotch syrup. very good. I also fixed kale quills. actually these were really good. I left the leftovers on the counter and the cats loved the kale too! LOL....

also fixed pumpkin juice. hmmmmm..... not very good. nobody like it! LOL......

I had dumbledore's lemon treats - just lemon drops. owl pellets - chocolate covered peanuts. and jellie bellies - Bernie botts all flavored beans! went to cost plus to find the jellie beans and what did I find? some jellie beans that showed a pic on the back of the box. it showed ever color that was in the box. there were 2 blacks - skunk scent and licorice. a gold one - pencil shavings and banana. yellow - rotten egg and buttered popcorn. blue - toothpaste and berry blue. brown - canned dog food and chocolate pudding. orange - barf and peach. green - booger and juicy pear golden yellow - moldy cheese and caramel corn. white - baby wipes and coconut. and red - centipede and strawberry jam. let me tell you. they were true to the description!!!!!!

we played a game. you picked one jelly bean. I was ready with the camera. you popped in your mouth and I took a pic. we were laughing so hard. I can tell you what pencil shavings and canned dog food taste like!!!!!


Lexi YUCK!

Jenn YUCK!!!!

David YUCK!!!!

Bruce YUM!!!!!

lots more pics, but I thought this was enough! after dinner we went to the movie and watch the last movie. when it was over I looked at Bruce and he was smiling and said: "It' over!!!!!" and I was crying and said "it's over!"

I think I might read it again.......

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