Monday, February 14, 2011

Super Bowl Antics

some of the kids came over for super bowl. Andrew surprised us by telling us his tooth was loose! but no one could touch it. Next thing we knew he had the tooth in his hand. Yeah Andrew! he was very proud of his tooth coming out with out any help! Now, I have a friend Bobbi G. she is a great cook. An awesome cook. she is always sharing her recipes with me. they are easy and oh sooooo yummy! So I served this yummy, SUPER easy Lemon Pie for our super bowl. You won't belive how easy!

these are your ingredients. pretty straight forward. (recipe will follow)
Now this is the freaky part of the recipe. trust me, you really do this! take your lemon and quarter it. take out all the seeds and put it in the blender. really, trust me....lemon peel and all....

now add the rest of the indgredients to the blender. notice my beautiful lid to my blender. it's been gone for a long time..... sigh...... but the blender still works! LOL......
whirl the bejeebees out of the ingredients. look at it and whirl again. no chunkies. you want it very smooth. then bake. how easy is that! and oh soooo very good.

so here is the recipe!
Lemon Pie
1 medium lemon
1 stick of butter
1 1/2 cups sugar
1 teaspoon vanilla
4 eggs
1 pie shell
wash lemon. cut lemon into wedges, and remove seeds. ( EVERYTHING goes into the blender, except the seeds! EVERYTHING!)
put all ingredients into the blender and whirl the dickens out of it. until smooth. so once you think it is done, whirl again!
pour into pie shell.
bake at 350 degrees for 40 minutes.
serve warm or cold
this is what Bobbi says:
you may serve with whipped cream or top with meringue. I have found i you are using a home made crust, it works best if you pre bake it or 10 minutes before you add the filling. this way you won't get that weird crust you get with most pies.
I have never gotten a negative feed back on this pie. try it, you will LOVE
well we sure do! Thanks Bobbi, it was a hit. in fact this is the second time I have made it. and we LOVE it!
you are a sweetie Bobbi.....

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