Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Halloween Panto!!!!

I am a lucky girl. Lots and lots of blessings seem to come my way. One of the big ones is my HQ16! her name is Sweet Caroline. name for the dear sweet lady who gave me my machine. well, I had a much smaller machine before and just couldn't do pantos. I have wanted to do pantos forever! now I can! or rather I am learning to do pantos. and you know what? I like it! LOL..... well, in my quest for pantos I found UrbanElementz I just love their pantos. they are just a little different. really nice and easy to follow, and oh soooooo pretty! well, they have this little thing going on.... if you suggest a panto idea, and they like it and do a design with your idea, YOU GET THE PANTO FOR FREE!!! yahoooooo!!! my first idea was a birthday panto. got that one for free. I suggested a Halloween panto and yes, they liked it!
Here it is! doesn't it look fun? I have 3 Halloween tops made. they are in the shoot to be quilted.

so if you would like to order it, click on over to UrbanElementz . if you click on what's new the Halloween panto will be listed there. but you have to look at everything. don't find the size you need? they will make the size you need. they also do digital. it's a great company. very easy to work with. and they are very talented!

Oh did I say, I won another one yesterday? happy dancing here..... life is good......



  1. That is a cute Halloween panto, I have one but not by that company. If you ever need a panto and you just aren't feeling what you have, give me a call. You can borrow any that I have.

  2. Ooh..i'm just a tad jealous! Have fun!


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