Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Sacramento Crew!

Elena sent me pictures yesterday. Apparently, our little Maddy woke up quietly and found the diaper rash cream. she then painted her bedroom and herself! she does look a little pale. but still such a cutie! I am pretty sure her daddy did the same thing! Here is our GW all bundled up in his little bear outfit! His daddy's nickname was bear!
I don't know if you remember, but GW was born with a head of hair. almost looked like a wig on the little guy. Well, he is 5 months old now, and just starting to loose a little bit of hair in the back. Mom and Dad decided he needed his first haircut! So, GW now has a buzz just like Daddy!

Thanks Elena for sending such great pics! we love them and appreciate you doing this for us.
I have been sick with whatever has been going around. YUCK! so I haven't done much sewing. just sleeping, watching a lot of TV, reading and a little bit of handwork. enough to finish all the blocks of my be attitudes quilt. Yeah!!! so the blocks are together and I just need to finish the borders. I am thinking that this quilt be one of the next quilts that go to Joann! It will be so nice to hang it in my family room.

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