Tuesday, February 9, 2010

More UFO's finished

this feels so good to finish! if I ever get completely caught up, I will NEVER have this many to do again! or rather, that's my plan! this quilt was from a mystery - burger queen - have it your way quilt. you could pick any block. the only thing was you had to make the blocks in sizes 3", 6", 9', and 12". I really like how it turned out. I do love stars. and I love red and cream quilts. this quilt is about 2 years old I think. OK, this one probably looks familar. I finished the sister quilt last month. a couple of years ago I bought a lot of this fabric when it went on sale - enough for these two quilts and more. I started them and got sidetracked. so now #1 AND #2 are finished. I still had enough fabric to make another top. not an UFO but I have used alot of that fabric. I am hoping after I peice the back it will be back! we will see.....
so this is #6 and 7 UFO's for this year! go me!!!!


  1. Way to go girl, you are an inspiration.
    Love the star quilt.

  2. They are so pretty, love the red star one, doesn't it feel good !

  3. love your stars
    i did my burger queen with churndash block
    still not quilted
    you are inspiring me to finish it tho

  4. NICE QUILT! Love your Burger Queen quilt with the red and white, absolutely stunning.

  5. That red and cream quilt is simple marvelous. What a clever arrangement and idea.


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