Monday, February 22, 2010

What a Saturday!

OK, I have done it again! put the pictures in backwards -- sorry! for Christmas we gave Demi everything to make her own PJ bottoms - this is her modeling her PJ's! she spent the night on Saturday and we finished them up. She did a very good job on them. she is quite the sewer! Next - quilting! LOL! Saturday was a very full day. in the morning I had to work because it was the shop's birthday! 5 years old! Happy Birthday Oasis! afterwards, I went over to Jenn's. Jenn and I went and saw Dear John. yes we cried. you always cry at a Nicholas Sparks movie or book! he is one of my favorite authors. afterwards, Jenn and I went back to her home and we made lemon bread with the girls. Justin? I think he was glued to the computer! LOL!
Anyway, here are my girls cooking......

and here are the 2 loaves - yummy..... I will try and share the recipe later. I got it from home based mom blog.
And here is our Lexi girl! she LOVES Michael Jackson. I mean she LOVES him! she has only watch his new movie - This is it - about a zillion times. she love watching and dancing along with Michael. I have never seen the movie so we started it while I was there.

I took a video, but can't seem to upload it. maybe later......
after that the girls and I went to Olive Garden - YUMMO! have you tried there new soup? Chicken and Gnocchi? very good.
Thanks girls for such a wonderful afternoon and evening! love you......

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