Tuesday, September 3, 2013

I won!!!

Hi everyone!  I follow a lot of blogs.  I almost always will sign up for give aways.  And sometimes I win.  which is always a fun way to start the day, when checking emails - Winner! 

This time I was reading Chris W Designs  This time she was interviewing Robin 

Chris has been interviewing different bloggers/pattern designers and it's been very interesting.  I have really enjoyed getting to know more bloggers. 

Well, I received my "prize" from Robin the other day.  Talk about CUTE!!  I am a happy girl.....

Here is my fabric box. With scraps that robin added!

I don't think Robin realized I am a scrappy kind of girl!  Yeah!!! 

Do you see the detail inside?  she added a little beaded charm!  on both sides!  CUTE! 

Chris, thank you for the great interview with Robin. and Robin, thank you for the give away.  I love it.  What's not to love!  Pink is my favorite color. 

Now, I just have to decide where I am going to put this cutie.  hmmmmm, tough choice!  but one I am willing to make.



  1. Ummm what gorgeous goodies !!!!!

  2. Congratulations on your win!
    (I follow your blog. :))

  3. Bahahaha, I just emailed to see if you got it yet and decided to visit your blog and see what you were up to! So glad it arrived safely!

  4. Oh, and flip those two beaded sides to the outside so you can see them when you fill up your box. I put them inside to protect the beads. I had a ball making this because pink is also my favorite color!!


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