Thursday, September 26, 2013

Sewing Day with a visitor!

Hi everyone!  last week or so,  we all went to Toni's to sew.  I didn't get many pictures, in fact just 2!  Yikes, what's going on with that? 

anyway, Charlene came to sew and Jodi!  Cyndi was back from her travels and I had just gotten back.  All we were missing was Mardi.  It was so good to see everyone. 

Toni made the best Mexican food.  She is the best cook.  Sorry no pictures. 

Toni has miniature horses.  out on the patio was little Ariel.  We were watching her explore everything.  Toni opens the door to talk to her and who walks right into the house?  Ariel!!  She walked around the island, found the cat food.  Toni took it away. 


So then she walked right back out the door.  No treats?  So no sticking around!  What would be the point?  LOL.......  

Thanks for hosting Toni.  it was a great time..... 


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