Friday, January 28, 2011

Civil War Love Letters and Barbara Brackman

Hi everyone! how is it I can't say no? I have been trying very hard not to get into Civil War fabric. at first I didn't like it, too dark. then we started getting all this civil war fabric in. there were pretty pinks, and browns, and blues, and greens. sigh..... so far I have been pretty good about not buying very much. very little actually. I am woman! well, Mardi came in with a BOM she was doing from Kentucky. it was called Civil War Love Letters. that intrigue me. hmmmmm..... saw the book, I found it very interesting. sooooo, I bought it, joined the yahoo group. here is her blog: Rosemary She just started her blog. there are free patterns there. pretty cool. Anyway, Cindy at work wanted to do this quilt. sigh...... so did I, BUT I didn't want to buy any fabric. so Cindy and I struck a deal. I print everything out. I gave her all my civil war fabric I had and all my background. Cindy has a lot of civil war fabric. so she cuts out the kits. here are our blocks so far....

Enthusiasm- Rutherford B Hayes
A Secession Ball - Rutherford B Hayes

Next Barbara Brackman has started a new blog: Barbara Cindy and I decided to do this one too! here is catch me if you can.
I will continue to post blocks. they are turning out sooooo pretty. Thank you Cindy! you are making me a believer!

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