Friday, December 3, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

We had a wonderful thanksgiving this year. lots of wonderful and yummy food. I made yummy Brussels sprouts and a homemade pumpkin pie. I will share the recipes later. everything turned out. food was on time. Yeah!

I played a game with the little ones. not sure what it is called. I just call it the chocolate die game. here is how it works. the first person puts on a pair of socks on their hands. they are given a Hershey bar, a knife, plate and a fork. they have to open the chocolate bar and cut the bar with the knife and eat it with the fork. the 2nd person rolls the dice until they get a double. at that time, everything goes to that person and the die goes to the 3rd person. so on and so forth. we played this game when the kids where little. lots of laughs. our little gunner man wasn't interested in the die or waiting for his turn. he wanted the chocolate NOW! maybe next year he will be more interested in sharing and waiting for his turn.

here he is with his mouth full.
Lexi and Zoe had lots of fun. It didn't take long for Zoe to catch on and really get into the game.
another thing we played was the white elephant game. but it wasn't white elephants, it was with quilts! here were the rules. the grandparents were given their quilts. You could not steal their quilts. everyone drew numbers and they got to pick in order. Picking another quilt instead of a bag was OK. NOBODY stole any quilt. everyone picked a bag. I was surprised. And another funny thing. as I sewed, bound, and put them in the bags, I would think I think my aunt would like this one, or my sister that one or my daughter this one. for the most part, everyone got the quilt I thought they should receive.
This quilt was for my parents. When I was making this one, my Uncle De has passed away. I kept thinking this should be for my dad and mom. (it was his last surviving brother) I kind of thought about our loved one who has passed on and they are watching us from above. This is the quilt that my mother has wanted for quite awhile! now it is theirs.

This quilt is for my MIL, Grandma Carnes. love the blue in it. sooooo pretty....

Here is the group shot! all happy faces. I am so glad. Merry Christmas everyone!!!

Love you all.......

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  1. I still can't talk about this without bustin' up! you could tell he was so upset too because his nose was running he was crying so hard!! Definitely a blackmail story for when he starts dating!


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