Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Lights

Every year we get a bus and go look at lights! I think the kids really enjoy it. we don't go very far, or stay out very long. cuz the kiddos aren't that old. but we have fun!
here's the troop.... here I go again getting the pics mixed up! but the kiddos are getting on the bus....
and the adults....

and grandpa santa!

This year a friend of lee's came with her kids so here is Kade and Ryun
now you know how I love music! the trans siberian orchestra came on and Lexi started rocking out! she can flick her hair just like trans siberian orchestra does! good job Lexi!

Lexi and Kensi
Kristi, Lee and Zoe
Jenn and David

Gunner and Melissa
Andrew and Eva

Merry Christmas kiddos.....

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