Sunday, October 10, 2010

A Trip down to Tucson

hi everyone! I was lucky enough to go with friends down to Tucson to the quilt and sewing festival last week. it is soooooo much smaller than ours in January at the state fair grounds. we still had fun and I did find a couple of things. I really was a good girl!
here is a quilt that I really liked. it reminded me of field of flowers pattern that I love. similar but different.

we went to some quilt stores too. quilt market -very fun and now I can't remember the other store. darn - they had lots of civil war, 30's and lots of fun quilts on the wall.
they had a little couch where Cyndi, Mardi and I sat for a photo.

we had lunch at Beyond Bread - Yum! kind of like Wildflower but even better! YUM, YUM!
Thanks Cyndi for driving! it was a great day.....

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  1. I went also and was very dissappointed:-( Wish I knew you gals were going I would have loved to gone with you! Because I was so dissappointed I went to the other quilts store there too. Loved them!!


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