Sunday, October 17, 2010

Zoe Day

Zoe and I haven't had a day for awhile. she called me up and wanted to come over. so Lee dropped her off and we played. I suggested a movie and Zoe wanted to see Toy Story 3. hmmmmm..... did I just see that? LOL.... so off we went to superstition mall theater. yum, kettle corn. I bought a tub of popcorn so that I could take home some to Grandpa. there wasn't any left! Zoe LOVES popcorn! then to McD's. I can't believe I forgot my camera! after Zoe had her wonderful yummy lunch and played we went to Ruffler's Roost. I had to buy some ribbon. while there Zoe saw all the wonderful bows, so we picked one for her. she was wearing it when Lee came to pick her up. She is such a happy girl with her Daddy. Thank you Zoe for such a fun day! don't let Grandma forget her camera again!

love you sweetie....


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