Monday, November 10, 2014

Stash Report

Oh my, the holidays are descending!  are you starting to feel the pressure?  I am!!!  birthdays, thanksgiving, Christmas, more birthdays!!!!  I need to focus!!!! 

Nothing finished, but lots worked on......

bobbins used this week: 3
bobbins used year to  date: 77
Thread spools emptied this week:  0
Thread spools emptied year to date:  14
Fabric used this week: 1
Fabric used year to date:  53 3/8
Fabric added this week: 8
Fabric added year to date:  45 yards

well glad I still have used more than I bought!!!  yeah!!!!  but I better hurry and finish some more projects so I can still be on top of that!!! 

I know I said I used 1 yard of fabric this week.  Well.....  I didn't, but my granddaughter Eva did!  She has wanted to learn to sew something forever. we finally had an hour or so of just Eva and I! 

ta dah!!!!
She was so excited!!!  she is ready to make another..... 
I spent a day over at Toni's to see her new machine for quilting.  yikes no pictures!!!!  but she did help me out with a project I needed a jump start on. 
pattern is from the Red Button Co.  love that place.  I could buy everyone of their kits!!!! they are just happy, happy, happy!  this is part of picture of hers.  I finished all the embroidery on mine.  Thank you Toni!!!!  I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. 
Do you follow Bonnie Hunter?  I do, she always has something fun going on.  Love her scrappy quilts!  I haven't ever done one of her mysteries.  I always kick myself in the pants that I haven't.  When I start seeing the end results, I want to cry, because the quilts are beautiful!!!!  Well this time, the colors really intrigue me.  There is pink!!!!  The colors are brighter than what I generally use.  But she gives you the paint chip numbers so you can see the colors.  I think that is why I have a problem with mysteries.  I get worried about my color choices and it stops me dead in my tracks!  Well, Toni talked me into it.  I am going to do it.  Bonnie will post the first installment on Black Friday!  the day after Thanksgiving.  On December 1st, We will get together and cut and trade to get more variety.  yeah!!! 

the white with black dots is going to be my neutral.  All my neutrals are too dark.  The yellow will be the same throughout the quilt too.  Doesn't it look happy? 
I also finished another Dear Jane block!
and the primitive August Block.  I have started Septembers. 

I have worked on my Grannies Dream Halloween top.  Vicki has her top done!!!  Oh, and I finished my Arkansas Crossing pieces for Thornberries next week.  AND started on next months.  I am doing good. 
Goal for this coming week:
1.  load a quilt
2. quilt the snowman garland table topper
3. work on the Arkansas  crossings pieces, in grannies dream Halloween, and Halloween 16 patches. 

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  1. Love your fabrics Lorene for the mystery, so Toni is also doing Bonnie's mystery? Cool :0)


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