Sunday, February 17, 2013

My Special Valentine Day

Hi everyone!  did you have a nice Valentines?  I did.  It was different in how we celebrated, but Bruce always finds ways to make anything special for me.  Thank you sweetie!  

Do you watch or follow Pioneer woman?  I have one of her cookbooks.  I would love to have more, hint hint!  she always uses fun, pretty, unique measuring cups and spoons.  I have stainless steel, white plastic, and black plastic measuring cups and spoons.  functional ones.  I want pretty ones!  so for Christmas gave me owl measuring cups and spoons.  they remind me of my grandmother.  they make me smile...  so for valentines Bruce gave me a set of cute, fat, and sassy cat measuring cups!  do you see the ball of yarn in the smallest cup?  so cute!  I love them!

 And red tulips.  I have never received red tulips before.  they are beautiful.  the white tulips are from my Canadian friend Linda.  they are so pretty together. 
And of course chocolate.  sigh..... yum......  and they are NOT almost gone.  I am pacing myself!  LOL......

Now, I have a husband, 2 sons and 3 sons in law who love to shoot.  they all go and shoot together.  they have a ball.  My only rule - they all come back unharmed!  LOL.....  Well, I few months ago I found a Groupon for some time at a shooting range.  I thought Bruce would love it.  He was excited.  Well, time got the best of us.  It just never seem to work out.  It was to expire on Valentines Day..... so we went shooting.  I haven't been shooting for probably 30 + years.  Mercy!  
So here is me shooting!  notice the pink ear things.  it made me laugh!
 Well, kind of all over the place, but can you see I almost got a bulls eye?  Surprise!
 This is Bruce's shots.  pretty good!
 Me again, only one bullet off target.  Sorry to say the target didn't make it.  It was fun.  I did a lot better than I thought I would.  I would go again.  

So it was a different sort of Valentines.  But we were together, and that is what counts.  Love you sweetie!

Hope your Valentines was special for you....



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