Thursday, February 28, 2013

Do you?

do any of you watch Pioneer Woman?  Do you have any of her cookbooks?  I do to both!  love her.  her recipes are always spot on and soooooo yummy!  have you noticed her measuring spoons and measuring cups? 

Well Bruce has been so sweet in getting me a couple of sets.  I just love them. My mom and I was shopping the other day.  we went to Beall's Outlet - have you been there?  I think they are only in the southern states.  Guess what I found?  measuring cups!!!

   Aren't they cute?  only $5.99 - WOW!!!  great price!

and then we went to Home Goods.  Have you been there?  I never have.  Oh my heart be still.....  loved the store.  and what did I find there?  Measuring cups!

I think these were $7.99.  Great price.  Now I need to figure out how to display them so I can use them.  they are too pretty to hide away.  Now, remember I said my mom was with me.  did she find anything?  No.  Sorry Mom.  But we had fun anyways.  Thanks Mom for a fun shopping trip.  


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  1. I just love them! Have you ever noticed Paula Deens measuring spoons? I love the but I saw them at Orange Patch and they were $25, yikes,I guess I will stick with my plastic ones for now.


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