Sunday, January 1, 2012

A House a Day!!!!

Oh my gosh, what am I thinking. making 366 3" houses! at house a blogger from Holland I think has issued the challenge. Make a house every day for a whole year! I hope I can get somewhat ahead so I won't get behind! LOL..... I shouldn't have to buy anything. I went to my drawer of pre cut squares. the biggest square I used was 2". this should be a great way to get rid of extra stash. wish me luck!!! isn't it the cutest little block? fun, fun, fun, and it only took a couple of minutes. my idea of a good thing.....
all the backgrounds will be blue and all the windows will be yellow. I might use the same yellow for the windows. but everything else will not be repeated - that's the plan!!!!

Happy New Year!!



  1. Oh my gis, that's a big challenge for 2012
    Congrats its a great project i will follow how it goes
    Happy new year

  2. Oh my gosh are you nuts? Nope cuz isn't hers darling with the cute houses and some of the details, kitty in the window, bird, etc. Are they really only 3 inch, you might have to share the measurements in ENGLISH! What fun is that going to be!

  3. That challenge makes me wish I was better at paper piecing!

  4. Saw is so darn cute..maybe a house a month! I still BOM's from last year to finish! Between reading blogs and Pinterest, I somehow don't get them done! Happy New Year and Congratulations Grandma! :)


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