Sunday, January 8, 2012

December Redwork

Hi everyone! I know a little late.... but I am here!!! every December we have a luncheon at redwork. this year I brought baked potatoes and everyone brought everything to go on them! yum!!! we also have a tradition of exchanging pin cushions made from found objects! here is one Jeanne made from a tart pan.

a tin, another tart pan and a house

a flower

a chicken

a tea pot

a pear in a clay pot

a bowl with an angel

a thread spool

and mine - an empty dish, no cushion- nada - zip. I found my object, then promptly put it out of my mind. thought I was done. oops! next year for sure.

we played the game "the Wright" lots of fun! everyone got a FQ.

we had lots of fun. laughed a lot. thanks gals for a fun year!


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