Monday, July 4, 2011

A Vicki Week!

every year my friend from Vegas and I get together for a week. it is just way too short!!! this year is was at my home. I think we are going to have to think about doing it twice in the summer. we have such big plans. this year we didn't get quite as much done. but I am still happy. so many fun things. thanks Vicki, for coming. its always a treat!!!

Vicki had this project for us. Witches feet. you can stick them anywhere. it looks like the wicked witch from the east from Wizard of oz. it just makes me laugh!
Vicki also brought us Halloween panels to make into wall hangings. THANK YOU!!!

She brought those glass blocks and we made it look like Frank!

we took a class at Scrapbook Etc. Terry came and took the class with us. we had so much fun. and I forgot to take pics..... we made this cute bird pincushion.....

we both have grand daughters. so we thought we should make baby stuff for dolls. here is the back of a little quilt

and here is the front. the squares were presents from barb and Mary from Me and My sister designs. I received these when I went to camp with them in April.

here is a stack of little blankets for the baby dolls.....

we started lots of doll clothes. little problem tho, our dolls were too big. so back to walmart to get a smaller doll.

we had LOTS of other stuff, and we just didn't get it to it. so now we have lots of projects to get done in the coming year.

thanks for such a wonderful, fast pace week. i can't wait for our next meeting......

hugs to you.......



  1. It was so fun to have dinner with you guys and to take the pincushion class at Scrapbooks Etc.! Loved seeing you again Vicki, it's been years and out patriotic quilt we all made blocks for years ago is hanging in my family room so I think of you!

  2. Those witch feet look like so much fun!


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